SimpleAudioStreamer - A simple way for Windows 7/8/10 users to stream their computer's audio to a Roku device across a network.

Apart from the restriction that it will not run on systems earlier than Windows 7, this may be a better alternative for audio streaming than attempting to use VLC to stream "stereo mix" sound-card output. Not all sound cards support stereo mix; those that do may require driver updates, configuration changes, or other steps in order to work. Even then, the sound quality is often inferior to the sound coming out of the speakers.

Download SimpleAudioStreamer from the link at the top of the page into any directory on your computer. Also, download lame_enc.dll using the link above, and place it in the same directory as SimpleAudioStreamer.exe.

Configure There's nothing to set up or configure. However, you may have to instruct your anti-virus software to allow this program if it objects to permitting unknown software on your computer. Your Windows Firewall may ask you to allow access to the port. Say yes (you can specify private, local network only, access only if you want).

Run the program as you would any other Windows program (click the icon or run from the command line). It's now streaming audio from port 8325 to whichever device(s) you want to play it on. You can change the port and MP3 bitrate, but only from the command line. You can play the audio on your Roku using the SimpleAudioPlayer channel. Set up the Roku channel to receive from your computer's network IP address, port 8325, e.g:

To run the program from the command-line:

	simpleaudiostreamer <port> <bitrate>

The Windows port SimpleAudioStreamer listens on for connections (0 is default: 8325)
The encoded MP3 bitrate (128 - 320 kbps) [default is 320]