VioletBug — Roku Debugger Graphical Interface

Windows — macOS — linux

VioletBug is a cross-platform desktop application providing a graphical interface to the Roku Debugger as an alternative to Telnet. It is similar to PurpleBug,, which is still supported; however, PurpleBug only runs on Windows PCs, and is closed-source. VioletBug, in contrast, is open-source running under Electron and Node.js, written entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The source code can be found on GitHub.



macOS Installation

Windows Installation

VioletBug can be downloaded on Windows using either an automatic "One-Click" NSIS installer, or by manual installation. If one method doesn't work, try the other.

Automatic Installation
Manual Installation

Linux Installation

Compiled binaries and installers for various linux distributions are provided at

To download compiled binaries for most linux distributions

Download from, e.g:

cd ~/Downloads

Unzip to the appropriate directory, e.g. /opt

sudo unzip -o -q -d /opt

Run the application:


Attach to the Launcher for convenience. If you don't see the application icon, try copying the file /opt/violetbug-linux-x64/resources/app/violetbug.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/violetbug.desktop, editing it if necessary for the correct path name/icon file, etc.

To download installers for specific linux distributions

Download one of the following installers:

AppImage files should run on any linux distribution that supports AppImage:

BSD variants, such as FreeBSD, are not supported.

Firewall Configuration

You may need to configure your firewall for automatic device discovery, particularly when using linux. VioletBug listens for SSDP M-SEARCH and NOTIFY responses.

On Fedora or CentOS, for example, use the following commands to configure the firewall:

sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=1900/udp
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=32768-61000/udp
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

On Ubuntu, the firewall is typically disabled by default. However, if enabled then all, some, or none, of the following incoming and/or outgoing rules may be required depending on how the firewall is set up:

### Incoming rules
# SSDP NOTIFY responses
sudo ufw allow in from to any port 1900 proto udp
# SSDP M-SEARCH responses
sudo ufw allow in from port 1900 proto udp
# ECP & Debug responses
sudo ufw allow in from port 8060:8093 proto tcp
### Outgoing Rules
# SSDP M-SEARCH requests
sudo ufw allow out to port 1900 proto udp
# ECP & Debug requests
sudo ufw allow out to port 8060:8093 proto tcp
### Reload the new firewall configuration
sudo ufw reload


Automatic updates are not supported. Check the project's Releases page, for updates.

Install a new update just like you did the original. All configuration settings should be saved.

Build Instructions

To build your own version of VioletBug from the source code, see Build Instructions.


Contact belltown through the Roku Forums

File a GitHub issue at